Peli Rals 9470M, Gen. 3, LED, schwarz

Artikelnummer: 094700-0012-110E

Peli Rals 9470M, Mobility Kit, schwarz
Black, vier Scheinwerfer, max. 24000 Lumen, LED

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Peli™ s next-generation LEDs combine to radiate up to 24000 lumens (6000 per light head). Powered by rechargeable batteries, the system offers remote activation via a Bluetooth app which allows varied light output from 100% - 0%. For extended applications, the 9470M can run continuously on wall power. The ability to leave on charge allows you to always be prepared. A 12 volt power port including a dual USB adapter provides power for many peripheral devices. Built self-contained in a tough-as-nails Peli case, the 9470M is compact and includes the multi-terrain trolley with a retractable pull handle and stainless steel ball-bearing 1,5 inch polyurethane wheels.


  • Peli RALS 9470RS schwarz
  • 230V Netzteil
  • Netzkabel GB

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